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What we do

We provide information, advice and support so people can make better choices around alcohol and drugs. We work with people to be safer through a range of dedicated, professional support.

We support people to make better choices around alcohol and drugs and reduce risk-taking behaviour through dedicated prevention, intervention, and support.

We also support people to achieve and sustain recovery from problematic alcohol and drug use through a range of treatments. We offer a range of support and advice to people no matter the disadvantages they are experiencing.

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Guidance for professionals

Confidential personal information (CPI), such as health data should only be sent to us using our secure referral process below. To comply with the data security principle, please avoid sending CPI to our general mailbox ( as the data security risks are higher for data which is transferred between the email environment of a disclosing organisation (you) and the email environment of a receiving organisation (us). We are therefore only responsible for the security of data once it has been received by us.


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Please read the following privacy script

This project is part of a charity called Humankind.

Our top priorities are your safety and helping you achieve your goals with us. To do this, we need to keep some information like your basic contact details and more sensitive information like your health details. This is called a “legitimate interest” to use your information.

We keep your information safe and only share it with others if there is a good reason. Most of the time we ask your consent before we share, and we will complete our consent process with you during your first appointments with us. Occasionally, we may need to share your information without seeking your consent if we are worried that you or someone else could be in danger. This is called safeguarding and is a UK law that all health and social care organisations must follow. We will usually be able to tell you what we have shared and to whom. We will provide a factsheet with examples when we meet.

Visit our understanding alcohol units page for information on alcohol units and how to work out your intake.

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