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Who we are

Likewise is the alcohol and drug service for adults across Sheffield. We provide information, advice and support so people can make better choices around alcohol and drugs. We work with people to be safer through a range of dedicated, professional support.

Our service is led by the national charity Humankind with partner Project 6 who have been working and supporting people across the city for many years.

We also support people to achieve and sustain recovery from problematic alcohol and drug use through a range of treatments. Likewise is a partnership of experienced local providers offering a complete choice of services, enabling us to provide help to anyone no matter how simple or complex their needs.

Likewise has been commissioned by Sheffield City Council.


Working with people

Our experienced and professional teams work with individuals to plan their own recovery journey from drugs and/or alcohol. This might be fast track or longer-term recovery work. Everyone is allocated a dedicated key worker to support them throughout their treatment. The services we offer people coming into treatment include:

  • One-to-one support
  • Structured group therapy work on a range of topics
  • Support for family members – involving them in recovery when appropriate
  • Health and wellbeing checks, health screenings, blood testing and
    vaccinations from our clinical team
  • Support on reducing the harm of drugs and overdose prevention
  • Substitute medication for certain drugs
  • Detox within the community/at home or at an inpatient unit.
  • Peer mentors for additional support

In the community

We work across Sheffield attending events, making links into the local community, and training other organisations on issues around drugs and alcohol. This includes working out of a range of locations. We aim to bring services into our communities to make it easier for people to get advice and support where they live.

Harm reduction

Our teams work to minimise the harm that drugs and alcohol can cause, focusing on those that are currently injecting or drinking at hazardous levels.

As well as being in the building, they work in an assertive outreach programme with dedicated teams of skilled workers taking support into the community, connecting with people where they need us most.

Sustained Recovery

With our partner, Project 6, Likewise offers a diverse programme of recovery and aftercare support including:

  • Rolling group programme including mutual ai
  • Structured recovery programme
  • Wellbeing groups and activities
  • Progression pathways including peer
    support and volunteer training